Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bitcoin Faucets and the Coming Cryptocurrency Gold Rush

Bitcoin Faucets and the Coming Cryptocurrency Gold Rush

I'm sure you've heard of Bitcoin by now and you may have even heard about some of the various Altcoins and the complicated mining process involved with these cryptocurrencies. You may have even wondered about buying and trading these currencies. Well my friends there is a much easier way to get your hands on these cryptocurrencies for free and they are called faucets and there are faucets for Bitcoins and all the major Altcoins. The process is extremely simple. First download a Bitcoin Wallet app, I use Coinomi. Next take the code to receive funds and input that onto the faucet website. Then fill out a quick Captcha to prove you're not a robot and redeem your rewards. The faucets vary in how often you can claim rewards but most fall somewhere between five minutes and an hour long. The rewards are typically fractions of a penny but over time those rewards accumulate and coupled with investing those small sums you can establish a nice little passive income that continues to make you money twenty-four hours a day. Now let's look at some of my favorites!


By far my favorite faucets Moon Coin continuously generates coins that you can collect at minimum every five minutes or whenever you feel like collecting them the catch is after about thirty minutes the faucet begins to slow down so I generally try collect them as often as possible. Moon Coins also has a great rewards program where you can get added percentage bonuses for referrals or daily loyalty bonuses. Mooncoin pays out all outstanding shares on Sunday at midnight GMT. You can check out the sites by clicking any of the links: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin

Destiny Faucet

Destiny Faucet is another fantastic one. Now unlike Mooncoin, Destiny uploads all your earnings to a website called Faucetbox it's really simple to setup your account, just enter your wallet address and you're done. Faucet Box is connected to thousands of faucets that deposit their funds directly to Faucet Box and then Faucet Box pays out those claims to your wallet everyday. You can collect from Destiny's faucets every hour and they have faucets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge and others though I tend to stick to those main three.

There are thousands of faucets out there some in the forms of games and puzzles with more popping up everyday. In future posts I will be discussing more games, faucets and investment opportunities with cryptocurrencies. If I missed any of your favorite faucets or you have any ideas for future posts let me know in the comments section below with a link.